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New version available!!! Examines the security of your purchase on aliexpress with our extension for Google Chrome

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This application performs an analysis of aliexpress sellers, selling the product that you entered in the search. You can see in more detail by clicking on each element analysis results.


Here you can see how the operation of the application:



Purchase of safer on Aliexpress


Is without doubt one of the biggest fears when you buy on AliExpress, in the end the cheap comes out expensive.


That the most important thing is Select a vendor who will give us guarantees.


Although it is very difficult to get the warranty 100%, we can reduce the risk, paying great attention to certain data provided AliExpress, on the vendor and the product that sells.


These are the main points that we must look at when choosing a vendor in AliExpress:


star in the seller:


check assessment of the seller: must look at it so high up as possible. Here you can see the meaning of symbols


check the vendor: seniority is important for the seller to have an antiquity of at least one year, since the fraudulent sellers, tend not to last as long, since they are expelled by AliExpress.

check Feedback in the last 6 months: estimations of users for the past 6 months. The more closer to 100% better.

check detail from feedback from the vendor: here can see in more detail how the most important aspects of the purchase have been valued by the customers. The more better close this 5.



star in terms of the article which is in sale:


check number of sales: made many more sales item, more security will have problems not to buy them.


check reviews and its assessment: each sale made should generate an opinion (is very important to say after the purchase, whether it is positive, as if it is not, to help the rest of the buyers with our comments).


That a large number of positive opinions, can give us security when purchasing the item. But beware, some sellers, mostly new, so bought themselves to fraudulent reviews. So we must not look only at this indicator.



check comunication: how much more communication options offer better, this indicates that it is not a seller that is hidden, and that let us “ shot ”, if something goes wrong. But that doesn't mean it will answer and help us, so it is important but not critical.



The vendor: warranties AliExpress offers a series of guarantees for the purchase, but the seller can offering additional guarantees, how much more better, offer important guarantee of authenticity of the product. You can see more about warranties here.


Once analyzed and taken into account all these points, we can buy more safely on AliExpress.


Do this work analyzing Aliexpress vendors, can be quite heavy, because there are thousands of vendors for the same item,


Is why we have developed a tool that does all this work of analysis automatically.